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Just picked up a 94' 3500 ctd 2wd dually...during the test drive, and the ride home, whenever i would brake the truck would shake violently. i applied the parking brake while at 45mph, no first instinct would be front rotor shimmy while driving at e-way speeds...but before i put my eggs in a basket i was wondering if there could be anything else to look at while I have it up in the air at my work tomorrow..I read up a bit and I may have the so-called 'death wobble' issue...any advice would be appreciated...:thumbsup
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:welcome: Sounds like front rotors to me, but i've never experienced death wobble or KDP before?!?
:welcome: I would also say rotors. While you have it in the air I would check the front end out since these things do have a lot of issues with track bars and ball joints
I agree also!! Have the rotors turned and try her again. I had severely warped rotors on my 4x4, and when you got on the brakes it would about shake the steering wheel out of your hand. Oh.... Welcome to the forum!!
Thanks for the welcomes...the weird thing is, the steering wheel doesn't shake much at all...which raises other questions.......hmmmm
Does it feel as if it comes from the front or the rear?
If it only does it when you're on the brakes, it's the brakes. Death wobble is primarily when you hit a small to large bump while cruising, the steering wheel will about rip right out of your hand from the violent shaking. Really sucks! It sounds like the front rotors are warped.
Yeah it's most likely brakes...the vibration feels as though its coming from the rear, because my wheel doesn't shake...but when I applied the parking brake while driving (carefully of course), there were no vibes...I'll have to see on Fri....btw...any other common suspension failures I should look for?
Update post:

Nothing left of front inboard pads, caliper pics were seized up real that all clean and slippery...stops good waiting for gauges and 4" turbo back exhaust :hyper:
most likely brakes but you never know. check it. I got death wobbled the other day. i hit a pot hole and it just went crazy, it seriously felt liek the truck was going to shake apart. its crazy. i need a lot of work now :(
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