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So I currently have a 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 QC hemi 4x4 with 3.55 gears, tow package and 285/70/17 tires , with nearly 204k miles... Runs great... But after having just drove from Missouri to South Carolina, which was nearly 1100 miles one way), with a motorcycle in the backs and nearly 1300 lbs of stuff, it is quite clear that I need a bigger truck

I have a buyer with cash in hand for my truck for $5200

Do I am trying to prioritize my needs and trying to figure out if I can really pull this off

Things I can't compromise on are:

-cost... Want to stay under $6,000, but $5,000 would be ideal

-I need a back seat

-at least 3/4 ton

Where I am willing to compromise

-body and paint

-suspension and steering (they are similar design to my old Jeep Cherokee in suspension design)

-tires... I have a line on tires

What I don't know is what things to look out for... What years are earlier to keep running well...

How many miles is too many?

Auto or manual?

Do I really need 4x4? I mean sometimes I think it comes in pretty helpful with my current truck... But if I were honest most of the time when it's snowing I don't want to go to work anyway

But it is awfully nice for pulling things out of my sloped gravel driveway... Like a trailer for instance

Additionally I move a lot of motorcycles and several cords of firewood each year
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