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New to 12 valve please read and help

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Ok i just bought a new to me 12 valve yesterday. It is a 1994 model 4 wd single cab 5 speed with 80K original miles. I have owned a 2009 model, 2001 model, 2004 model, and a 2006 model but never a 12 valve. The truck is in new like condition. It had had some work done that i will list but i have no idea where to go next with the truck. The goal is 500 hp and thats the max i want. It has a southbend clutch, cold air intake, 5x14 injectors whatever size that is, number 10 fuel plate, 913 pump with extensive pump work with delivery valves worked, stock turbo. It smokes like a train and has pretty good power but i am not sure where this puts me as far as how much power i have now and what i need to do to get to 500hp. Please forgive me for being dumb about all this but the 12 valve seems to be a different animal than i am use to so i need educated. Thanks
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First thing to sort out is the KDP,
What cold air intake do you have?
Change the fuel filter

You have way too much fuel for your stock turbo, you need to slide the AFC as far back as possible and tune some of the fuel out. Those injectors are way too big with even a stock pump. Add to your list to find out what DV's you have, you most likely need to swap them to get it to smoke less.

Need to sort out gauges also, EGT, fuel pressure, boost

The stock turbo is good for ~350hp unless you push it past 35psi which is not recommended. I will let someone else suggest a turbo for 500hp
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