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New member, been searching for answers and haven’t found anything. Hoping someone here might have dealt with this or have some insight.
Truck is an 08 Ram 2500 6.7 G56 Deleted/ Tuned with HS minimaxx

Truck was having issues with the electric 4wd shift. It was getting stuck in 4wd and then doing weird things when trying to shift back into 2wd such as voltage gauge jumping, engine almost stalling (guessing power cut to injectors) Previous owner had these issues and corrected it with a TIPM swap. This worked for 3 months. Truck started doing it again. I replaced the TIPM again, (another doorman unit) went through the initial wait procedure, then got a no crank no start, all dash lights on. Truck wouldn’t connect to code reader. Sent it to the dealer assuming new TIPM needed programmed. Dealer can’t communicate with the PCM, ‘checks all the wiring’ and comes to the conclusion that it’s a bad PCM. Dealer swaps PCM and still has no communication. Now they are going back through the wiring before assuming the new PCM is also bad.
Has anyone here experienced this? Or have any insight as to what may cause this? Truck ran great prior to this with the exception of the 4wd.
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