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We got tired of the "plain jane" company logo T-Shirts (which is why they are heavily marked down right now) and decided to do something more "Fun". I went back to the fantastic artist that did my old ITP logo and him do some "Strictly Diesel Racing" art for us. Then I went and found some really nice shirts to put them on. We ended up with 3 different shirt styles (mens short sleeve, mens long sleeve and ladies short sleeve). All of the shirts are 100% MADE IN THE USA by American Apparel and they are very comfortable! Hope you like them as much as we do!

Here's the artwork:

We'll get pictures of the actual shirts up as soon as we can...they should be hitting our doorstep on Tuesday!

All of our apparel is can be found at the link below, including the older stuff that we've got on clearance sale.

Strictly Diesel - Strictly Apparel
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