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New paint color! Need opinions!

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So I'm thinking about treating myself to a new paint job for Christmas since my paint and body that I have right now has been through hell and back! Thinking about: Matte Black, White, Red, and Silver. The paint I currently have is factory gloss black (I hate it). Feel free to voice your opinion! Thanks guys
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do like a matte dark silver <3
Check out the western brown on the 2013 laramie longhorn its everything but brown its almost a wine red or brandy with pearl has different tones depending how the sun hits it its sick drive to your local dodge dealer and look for the laramie longhorn editions you gotta see it in person to know what I'm talking about its just sick
Hell yeah my foreman just got one in that color I'm telling you its sick on bright sunny days it has a copper look to it from a distance and dark maroon up close.
My favourite colour is the mopar charcoal, i just love that colour!!
I'd never change color of a vehicle unless I was doing a $10k paint job. You will always see the old color in random places if its a cheapo crappy paintjob.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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