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new mods

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im lookin to add arp head studs bd superwhat u thin b special air dog rapter 150 lift pump
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Super B Special is a good turbo, and will give you room to get bigger injectors in the future if you want. Depends what your goals are though.
Nothing wrong with Industrial pumps. I have an 85% over and it has no problem keeping up with my Flux 4's. It has far surpassed what most people said it was capable of. Instead of a dual feed line, I would look at a larger fuel rail. I put on a T&C Wild Rail, and it was definitely worth the money.
Well Rail pressure holds at a solid 25000psi at full throttle, and recovery is lightening quick, if you blink you miss the needle moving when I floor it.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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