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Hey All - just bought a '99 2500 bone stock - 5 speed ext cab truck with 285k on it - one owner well cared for, looks like new and very well maintained... All seems well - but - still have a few questions.
Not sure the turbo is working correctly - no noticeable boost in performance when pushing bast 2k rpms... How do I check this?
Might have a rear main seal drip... big job?
Looks like the seal between the vacuum pump and steering pump could use attention...
Wondering about replacing the stock fuel delivery pump with an upgrade - airdog, fass...??
Fuel pressure gauge?
Have a cross country trip coming up this summer - 7 thousand miles or more - towing both ways - what should I bring for extra parts? etc...
I've had Powerstrokes and a Duramax - and a cummins in an FL60 - but this is new territory and in spite of nice condition - a lot of miles - looking for thoughts on keeping it running right and all that - THANKS! Boatbuilder

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Alright fuel pressure gauge yes, as for fuel delivery i personally have had my FASS 95 for 30,000 miles and its still working great, as for the seal between the vacuum pump and power steering pump Pete Gould is your solution GOULD GEAR & ELECTRIC
as for the turbo start off by taking off the intake tube off the front of the turbo and do a little inspecting.

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