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New member with a 2007 ram 2500 6.7L

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Hello Everyone,
I just picked up my new rig last week and I'm already itching to upgrade it. The truck runs well and has 104,000 miles on it. It had a new turbo and dpf filter at 92,000. I'm looking to add some power, torque, and alittle more exhaust noise. I currently have a limited budget of 6 to $800. What would everyone start with, and can I expect to make any improvements for that much money?? Im new to the forum, and the diesel world in general. I was told by a friend that I cant do anything really until I get a good programmer and do a dpf/emissions delete? That pretty much eats up my whole budget and then some I think. Is there anyway else to go?? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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Tuning is your first stop. You can do much of anything without one. EFI Live and H&S are two of the best options.
Intakes are pointless (performance wise) until you're north of about 500hp. Exhaust you cant touch until you can clear codes, which leads to the tuner (to clear codes among other stuff). You can run sims then do the exhaust, but it seems like most still get the cel.
I would save a bit more and invest in some solid tuning that will support your future mods.
I'm new to the forum myself. I just purchased my 08 with 54,000 miles on it. Mine already had a H&S programmer, EGR/DPF deletes, 5" turbo back MBRP exhaust with 6" tip and a stock CAI ( which has me baffled ), but i believe those are the basic starting points. However, i did remove the mufffler and replaced with a section of 5" pipe we had laying around at shop, and pulled out the noise dampening/air guide ( or whatever people choose to call it ) in the tube that runs from the CAI down to the turbo. Sounds a little better but nothing crazy.

NWRQC just answered my confusion as to why my truck had a stock intake on it with various other mods.
It can be done cheaper by just making the dpf/nac delete pipe instead of the whole exhaust and unplugging the egr.
For more info on sims.
If you buy a delete pipe, unplug the egr and do sims you're only into it for around $150 or so.
That gets rid of the worst of it and leaves $650 to work with...
Save up for the egr delete and tuner and do it at your leasure.
i agree get a tuner. have to have a tuner first before you can do much of anything else.
i bought my 2008 in June and I love this site, very informative
Anarchy has a Autocal lite thats EFI live with some lower hp tunes that a little cheaper than a regular autocal that and a delete pipe will fit your budget.
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