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New Member in need of Decision Help!!

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Hi All,

I need to get some advice on my next truck purchase. I have a budget of $10,000 and looking for the best possible and reliable truck I can find, within reason.

I need to know what years Dodge Cummins Trucks to be aware of and what to look for when buying...

Is there any particular year motor that is bad?? I have seen people state 53 Block is terrible....Much help is appreciated...

Also I need opinions on Cummins vs. 7.3l vs. 6.0l....All help is greatly thankful!!

Thanks All.:party018:
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Glad to have you aboard! You'll find tons of helpful info here and learn so much about these pickups. As for your search for a reliable pickup, it really depends on someones personal opinion. Everyone has a different truck and has their own opinion of how reliable it is. In my experience, with the 4 cummins trucks on my family farm, my favorite as far as reliability goes, is our two 12v. One is a '94 3/4 ton with a little over 400k on it, the other is a '97 1 ton with over 200k. Both have bale beds on them and have been used and sometimes abused, thats just how it goes sometimes on the farm :thumbsup:
Yes they've both had a few issues here and there, but overall if you take care of them, they'll last forever. Our other two pickups are a '99 24v 1 ton and a 2010 3/4 ton. The '99 has proven to be a reliable pickup too, just turned over 200k last month and its a 53 block. And I dont think you could compare the 2010 against the other 3 because it only has 30k on it lol. But what it really boils down to is how you take care of your pickup, just like any other vehicle. Drive it hard all the time, youre gonna have problems. Since your on a $10,000 budget, I'd say you could easily find a nice 12v or decent 24v. Just do some searching on here and you'll find all the info you need on both these pickups. I own a '01 2500 and love it. Granted I have had to put some money into it, mostly towards a lift pump and gauges. But for the money, a 2nd gen is the way to go IMO. Hope this helps you in your decsion.
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Welcome from Virginia
Good luck on pickin a new truck. Cant really go wrong with any cummins tho. :)
As far as a 6.0 or 7.3 goes the ford trucks have better auto trannys as far as durability. 7.3 is ready to go from ford on the other hand you will either spend a lot of money on repairs over time or spend a big sum of money on the 6.0 in the beginning to get it running right. 10k probably won't get you a 6.7 cummins so my advice is go with a 3rd gen 24 valve. Watch for injector and fuel pump problems also make sure the tranny shifts tight. Another thing to consider if you're not flooring it around a cummins gets way better gas mileage than the powerstroke V8's every time. Also cummins IMHO are much more simplistic. Good luck

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