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New member have ?'s

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I would like to start out by saying thanks for the great forum. Have found good info here. Need help with a newly purchased 2003 2500 5.9 common rail. First I love the truck but have had a few starting problems when doing short runs like with in 5 miles. For example: ran out to get hair cut about 2.5 miles from home. Got home let truck seat for about an hour. Got back in to leave and nothing but cranking. Gave up and drove wife's car. The last two days I have had the same problem taking kid to school also with in a couple of miles. Have got it running with a shot of either not happy about that at all, don't like using it on any motor. Runs great, idles fine, no misses, but need some help on what is going on. Can hear the fuel pump on the back side of the fuel filter run. When it starts up normally is runs for a few seconds, but when it doesn't it runs for a while.

Also have a hi pitch squeal on left side of engine around 1500 and 1800 rpm with light throttle. I was thinking that the pressure re leaf valve is bad, or sticking?

Thanks for the help
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Welcome to the forum.

It sounds like the injectors are leaking the rail pressure down while cranking and not allowing the rail pressure to build enough for the ECM (computer) to fire the injectors. This is a common problem with worn injectors. Once it starts it will run fine. A rail pressure gauge that can read the pressure while cranking can help diagnose but you will eventually have to pull the injectors and have them tested at a facility that can do the testing, not just any shop can do this, or you can just replace them with new not remans.

The lift pump on the back of the filter canister is known to fail, replacements of the EO type is available and is the easiest and cheapest replacement. If it fails the engine will not run. Most have replaced this pump with a frame mounted pump and have added additional fuel/water separation and better filtering to the fuel system. The pump will run for about 2 to 3 seconds when the ignition switch is turned on, if the starter is bumped the pump will run for 25 to 30 seconds and should run continuesly when the engine starts.

Very clean fuel is required for the common rail fuel system. The system will operate with pressures up to 25,000psi and dirty fuel is a killer of the injectors and the injection pump. The best fuel filter for the canister is Baldwin's BF-7977 which is a 5 micron absolute filter and is a very good fuel/water separator. Fleetguard and MOPAR are 7 micron absolute and are good fuel/water separators. Many other filters are rated as nominal and that is not as good as absolute. The spin-on filters can filter down to 2 or 3 microns.

The use of starting fluid is very hard on the engine and if ignited by the grid heaters you could have an explosion.

The squeal is may be a leak in the intake which is pressurized by the turbo. It could also be the belt is slipping on one of the pulleys.
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If there is a leaking injector would it do the same problem over night? It fires up every morning and after work it seems to do it the most on very short runs. Is it just not getting warm enough to seal on the short runs? Yes I have planed on getting a Fass system of 95 gmp for it soon. Has there been the same problem posted? I if so can someone post the thread for me?
Thanks again for the help
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