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My names Colin. I am 17 and have been a reader on the forum, and just recently decided to join. I am a Cummins fan (Dodge guy in general). The reason for my joining is that I have a willingness to learn from the forum here. I will admit, I know some stuff, but to be honest I don't know as much as I'd like to about diesels as far as in depth tech and mechanical work. Hopefully I will be welcomed to follow the posts here, where I hope to add to my knowledge. I say I am a Cummins guy, but I think I would take a lot more pride in saying that if I was more knowledgable on the subject.

Was looking at a few 2nd gen 12V's with the 5 speed for my first truck, but I will just not be able to afford one at the time. I will probably just end up with a V8 mag gasser. But maby someday when the time is right, I will get my Cummins. Really I would want a 2500HD H.O. model with the 6 speed, but I would take anything if I had the chance. As long as it had 6 in a row to make her go, I would be satisfied.:thumbsup:

Anyways, I hope an amateur guy such as me will be welcomed. I really do want to learn as much as I can. Just kinda hard to when I don't have a way of doing that by myself. Kinda why I wanted a Cummins for my first truck. I believe that hands on is the best way to learn. But maby reading around on the forums here should do the trick in some ways. Seems like a bunch of great guys that know their stuff here.

Thanks everyone!
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