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Hey Tommy.
This probally won't help you but....
I just went through this and I tried all these option and reset the DTC's everytime.
"Turn key to "Run" with engine off, hold accelerator at 100%, pump brakes three times, release accelerator, put accelerator at 100%, pump brakes three times, release accelerator pedal"
Still through codes, the codes only seemed to affect the top end preformance and seemed to stop boost from building @23Psi.
So I went with the Black Maxx. The codes are gone and now I get to 35Psi.
With that being said. I prefer the Edge for the Turbo Timer option and the ability to display the correct speed, but not correct the dash speedo/Odometer If you have larger tires. At this point I'm waiting for a splitter ODB2 cable to attempt to stack the Black Maxx for the Hot Damn setting and Clearing of EGR and Edge Racing CTS for only Features and extra Gauges. 0 Setting.

My personal opinion in my situation. Edge Racing 7.5-09 175HP stacked with Smarty with ME Version is the way to go if you stay on the levels that don't adjust timing.

Sorry for the ramble. Let me know if you have any questions.

Good luck
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