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1st off I did some searching on here before asking this ( about 3hrs worth). The prob is that there appears to be no clear cut answer. That ive found :S:

My story is this: I just got my new to me 08 6.7 and ordered the edge because that all I ever used on my 5.9's. I did the dpf delete as well as the egr delete inculding the cooler.

Here comes the question that im sure you all have seen so many times before. What do i do to not throw codes from egr..(ya ya ... I kno buy a smarty, too late) Ive seen so many answer's from years ago but was hoping that someone has come up with a clear answer.

-Ive seen somepeople say only disconect the throttle valve connector
-Ive seen others say take all off except the egr cooler servo, leave plugged in but ziptie to fire wall
-Ive also seen some say disconnect the actuator motor, remove the plunger and also ziptie that somewhere and leave plugged in

I talked to edge today and they told me to take the butterfly out of the intake, throttle valve.

Please help what is the right answer to make this work. I currenlty have the servo motor plugged back in and attached to the firewall, that took care of 2 of the 4 codes.. Now what ?
The remaining 2 codes are p0487 and p2141

Thanks in advance
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