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Hi folks! New guy here from Indiana. Let me tell you a little about myself & my truck.

Truck details:
2007.5 Dodge Ram 2500 ST, 2wd, Quad Cab, short bed, 6-speed manual transmission, 3.73 gears. Tires: 265/70/17 Scorpion Pirelli STRa, E load rating, inflated to 70psi. DPF & EGR delete. Smarty Jr. fuel economy tune w/ most advanced timing. I also regularly use an upper grill block and a block heater. Just over 85K miles.

Fuel mileage is my hobby/obsession. I try to squeeze every possible mile out of every drop in the tank (without unreasonably compromising safety, maintenance, or longevity). I mostly hang out over at under the username Diesel_Dave. You can see my fuel log over there. When I first bought the truck in January of this year, I averaged about 18-19mpg. 9 months later after the DPF & EGR delete, a few small mods and a very intense focus on driving technique and route selection (most all my driving is my 25 mile commute to and from work). Most all this is unloaded. Every so often I'll actually put the truck to work and haul a few things. After a lot of work I've now averaged 31.5 mpg over the last 5 months.

Ecomodder has been a great source for fuel economy techniques, but every so often I need some Cummins-specific knowledge so that's why I'm here.
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