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New to forum (though have poached a few ideas from here previously).

2001 24v with 215k

Running stock for the most part. Fass 85, guages, bhaf, leveled, 4” exhaust, air bags in the rear. Oh and swapped the original 47re to an ATS stage 2 built package.

Use the truck as my DD and recently started pulling a 10k desert fox toy hauler around quite a bit. CO passes are rough.

Right now toying with the idea of changing out the stock hy35 to help with egts and a little more boost. Question would be to what? Have considered hx35, aurora 3k, and the BW k27. Would love to find a used hx and drop it in- but having trouble locating one for under 500- others are obviously more $$$ but worth it in my scenario?

For the experienced out there- would love to hear your suggestions/advice. Dont really want to mod too heavily or chase ponies. Truck has not been chipped, would maybe do something mild like an edge ez if that would be needed to have bigger turbo be able to spool easier. I

Thanks all

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