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New Fan Clutch or Flex-a-lite fans???

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Well my fan clutch is making a bunch of noise and has lots of play in it so time for a new one but ive wanted to try Flex-a-lite fans but have heard some negative feedback on them.
My truck is driven daily with a fair amount of stop and go traffic and im in southwest florida where its hot and humid all year.. I tow 1-2 times a week and I average 7k lbs behind me. Any input would be great.. Thanks
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I tried the Flex a lite's and ended up going back to the stock fan as they did not move enough air to keep things cool. If you are modded at all I would not recommend them.
I have had them for a couple years now and havent had any problems with them not keeping things cool after dialing them in, even towing my 16x8 enclosed with 8k in it. Plus they really clean up the engine bay
What do you mean by dialing them in? Dont they plug in to the factory harness or did you configure a switch set-up in the cab?
Buddy of mine ran em on his 05 for a while and he never mentioned any issues. He loved em. He ran the ole girl pretty mother lovin hot most of time too.

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