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I just bought my first diesel its a 02 2500 cummins 5 speed 4x4 it has a straight pipe other than that is stock what is the best way to get around 500 horses to the ground cheaply if possible......(what combonation od parts would you use?)

thanks guys
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Cheap doesn't get you anything but time in a shop. You are goin to pay for parts that have been tried and proven to the industry. And 500+ HP is a pretty good bit, not out of this world crazy, but more than alot of people are running. What are you wanting out of your truck? Towing? Performance? Streetability? What are you wanting 500 Horses for?
Ya of you are looking for that kind of power cheap is going to get you nowhere you will be better off spending more money or you will be spending even more money later.
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