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New brakes opinion?

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Hi, I am coming due on needing new brakes. I hve a 2007 2500 6.7. I live in a small town in Alaska that rains all the time and don't really have a place to change them so I took it to the ONLY brake shop on the island and they are trying to charge me 800 dollars for parts and labor on just the front brakes! So I am going to try to do them myself and was curious to what yall think on this brake kit set? Any information would be helpful, and also are there some things I should do while I have all that apart? Thanks in Advance.2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck Brake Pad & Rotor Kit - AM Autoparts
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I've got basically the same truck just 3500 SRW and it's not hard at all to do a brake job on these trucks. That kit should be fine for oem replacements and maybe 2-3 hours to install everything depending on working conditions and tools.

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Thanks man. I appreciate it. That's all I needed to hear. I have never changed brakes before so it should be a good learning experience.
It's nothing special at all just basic metrics for caliper bolts and brackets. Good luck with your install

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