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New 4" Superlift

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I just had my new lift installed on my truck today. Also, I had my new rims and tires installed. I will post pictures in the morning. I just want to say thank you to everybody that had gave me help and posted pictures of there trucks.
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No pics today?
Sorry, I have been very busy with work. After I give it a good wash on Monday, I will post pictures. I promise. Also, I have been driving the heck out of it.
Here are some pictures

I have the superlift 4" with a sterring stabilzer, Pro comp Extreme all terrains, and extreme alloy 6001 20x9 Tinted windowss all the way around. I have 35% on the windshield and 15% on the side and rear window. I like the privacy.
I love the way it rides and looks.
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Great looking truck man!
Nice looking truck, How does the 4" Superlift ride?
It really rides smooth. I really like it. Now on a funny note, I am not use to the lifted truck. So, yes, that means that I have fallen twice already. The setup that I have is perfect. Ride is nice, and no tire noise.
looks awesome! i want to do the same setup, just need the $$ first. great looking truck! :beer
Nice truck Tazz3069 , that 4" lift look well :thumbsup
looks awsome great combo , i had a chevy hd on 8inch and 37s my foot went throw the step coming out of the truck i ended upside down it was pretty funny to my friends not me though lol
if thats a 4 inch with 35s would a pro comp 5 inch with 35s look wrong
Not sure if the 5" would look wrong. See if you can fit 37" on it. I was afraid that the tires would rub t full lock. They do not. The more I drive it, the more I like it. :peelout:peelout:peelout
Truck looks Great. Can't tell from the pics, but does the truck sit level?
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