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Nerf style side steps for a Dually

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I am finding that a Nerf style side step for a dually is almost impossible to find. Tough Country seems to be the only one I have seen so far and near as I can tell are close to $1,100. Any other options? At $1400 the AMP power steps might not be such a bad deal, but then they do not provide step access to the bed for trailer hookup. I have been rough quoted about $1k for custom built in a fab shop before powder coat.

It's starting to rain and get cold, my stock bars with the missing foot pads will be a death trap soon enough!

Any pics or ideas of where to look are welcome, Thanks in advance!
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You can always get the amp steps or a regular set of steps and use the amp bed step to access the bed.
Does AMP make a step that comes down in front of the duals? or could the back bumper step be modified to accomplish this? I am trying to gain access to the gooseneck coupler and chains is the reason for the step.
I actually ended up ordering the Nfab polished stainless nerf bars with steps cab length. For bed access I will either add some Amp2 bed steps or fab something to fit into my camper hold down tubes which are in that area of the bed in front of the duals. I'll post some pics when I have them installed.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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