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Nerf bars / Steps looking for Ideas

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Well my wife is verticly Challenged and I need to add steps or nerf bars to my 06 I just wanted to check in for some ideas and see what people think would look good on a 2wd.

I would like to stay away from steel / chrome because of rust, Stainless would be ok.
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Bump anyone have any ideas
i have some for sale. if you want them heres a pic,

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I've had Westins on my last two trucks. I'm very happy with them.

I'm actually looking to get another set,as I bent the bar on the passenger side.

It bent,but took the entire weight of the truck to bend it. I was hunting last year and was going sidehill when I lost traction. The truck slid downhill sideways and slammed up against a stump at the bottom of the hill.

The bar bent,but it kept the rear door from getting crunched on the stump.
for a 2wd the westins boards are fine but a really nice rugged nerf bar would be the n-fabs
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