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Need transmisson advice.

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Hey guys I was looking for some advice on upgrades for a 68rfe. What would y'all recommend to be able to handle some decent horsepower. I know nothing about them and could use some guidance. The truck made a loud snapping noise and now it rolls backwards when in park and grinds like a pto when you put in back in park.
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Besides suncoast what other transmisson builders would y'all recommend?
I went with a RevMax550 in my truck and I could not be happier in my decision. They offer a first rate 68RFE and their customer service is second to none. Frank and Tom answered every question that I had (and some that I never thought to ask). In addition, Dave Matthews answered every question I had concerning the tune for the TCM. Overall it was a great experience and I have a first rate 68RFE in my truck.
Sweet I'm gonna have to check them out.
Depends how you drive. Have several living at around 450.
i have a revmax 550 with less the 3K on it if your interested. i decided to do a stick swap.
how much can the 68rfe handle stock?
Honestly, we don't see many trucks with stock power blow up their 68RFE's. I'd say anything over 400hp/800 ft/lbs is on borrowed time. Sure, you can make them "live" for a bit, but eventually it catches up to the stock overdrives.
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Revmax, Suncoast, Ats. Pic your poison.
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