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Need to find which one is the inlet and the outlet for the core heater hose in the bulkhead for a 2010.

I want to hook up a tee so that I can get hot coolant to adapt my truck to run on WVO. Fuel prices are getting really crazy in my area.

Posted this under the alternative fuels, but got no reply. I do not have the shop manual for the 2010, and the 2008 manual, does not give indication as to what hose is what.

The manual for the 2008 states that the core heater does not have any valves, so therefore it must be running hot all the time. Anyone knows how the core heater delivers heat to the cabin and if there is a valve there when the heat is turned on. Again, the manual implies that the cabin heat is regulated by the air supply and air mixer.


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The core supply comes from the engine head area and should be the hose that is closest to the engine and rear of the engine area. Another way to figure this out would be to use an infared temperature gun, with your truck idling and the heater on high for fan and temp, shoot the coolant hoses and see which one is hotter.
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