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Need some help

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So I tuned my afc about 6 months ago and i have it set as good as i can do with the current turbo as it can start to bump into the danger zone if im not watching it, but i am lost when it comes turbos, every one that i talk to give me a number that means nothing to me and their for cannot transfer that advice into my search cause tall the company's have their turbos by name not by a number.

Im not looking for a huge increase just looking to have some growing room to improve my towing and DD performance down the road.

I am looking at the BD super B, super B special, and killer B but again i dont really know what i am looking at and have been searching for info for the past 6 months with little to no results.

any one have these turbos or can offer any advice would be helpful thank you.
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Go to the 94-98 Tech articles there's a real good write up in there on turbos
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