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Need some help

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So I tuned my afc about 6 months ago and i have it set as good as i can do with the current turbo as it can start to bump into the danger zone if im not watching it, but i am lost when it comes turbos, every one that i talk to give me a number that means nothing to me and their for cannot transfer that advice into my search cause tall the company's have their turbos by name not by a number.

Im not looking for a huge increase just looking to have some growing room to improve my towing and DD performance down the road.

I am looking at the BD super B, super B special, and killer B but again i dont really know what i am looking at and have been searching for info for the past 6 months with little to no results.

any one have these turbos or can offer any advice would be helpful thank you.
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I have never had a BD so I can not speak for their product. Industrial Injection though is a whole other story. The favorite one I have had from II is what I run now, a 64/74/14 ss turbo. While I lost some power on the line, any kind of rolling start and it lights up. Specifically at about 1700 rpms the boost just keeps climbing. I have it wastegated at 40psi right now. To reference you question about which BD turbo, the closest one to those specification of my II would be the BD Super B. Hope this helps.
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