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need some help wih fuel questions please!!!

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i want to know if the fass replacement lift pump (33% more flow) will be ok to run 100hp injectors? and will a hx35 running around 34psi be ok for the injectors? and just wanted to let everyone know i installed the bd elim. box and the truck feels good to launch and do burnouts without torque man. now. the look on peoples faces when they see a dually smoking all 4 rears:hehe:
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yeah, the ddrp will fuel 100's just fine!!!!!!!!!!! and the HX will keep up OK, but it will get hot IMO. my 150's hit 1200 with no programming at all on mine, and my boost ell is all the way in. on PL3 i hit 1450 in no time and i'm only hitting 35 psi at that
do you know what kind of pressures it will run? i have a bd lift pump now and run 14 at idle but drop it all the way down to 2 at wot, will it be better than the one i have now or should i get a raptor pump thats 150gph? keep in mind im on a tight buget right now because the wife is not working:banghead:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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