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Need pics of 3rd gens with 33's/305's

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I just bought an '06 Mega cab and am trying to decide what to go with for tires and wheels.

I prefer the wider, deep dish wheels compared to the "new school" large diameter, deep offset wheels.

My Mega has a Tuff country 6" lift with some goofy rims and 35's. I'd like to make it look similar to my '01 and would like to see some pics of other trucks that are lifted running 33's/305's, preferably with nice Weld Racing wheels, or something else that is "fatter and shorter" than "tall and skinny." I'd like to get an idea if I think my Mega would look goofy with 33's and 6" of lift, or if a wider set of 33's compared to the current skinny 35's would look just aggressive enough to not look "out of proportion."


New Mega that I'd like to replace the skinny 35's with wider 33's

My 01 that has the look I'm going for.

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To each his own I guess. The look your new mega has right now is what I love! Other than MK41's aren't my favorite wheel...

Sweet looking truck!
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