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need more lift

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I have a 99 2500 with a 4.5" tuff country suspention lift with the military 16.5 12.5 37s and they rub hard. Can I add a leveling kit? I have fender flares and don't want the tire to catch them and rip them off. Also if I add a leveling kit will that be to much of an angle for my front drive shaft? When I first installed my lift it litterally blew my transfer case in 2 pieces, not 100% it was the lift just figured it was because of the angle. Need info please asap.
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You can add a leveling kit but you may run into problems with bump steer. You may also need to get longer control arms beins that as you add lift it draws your tires back. Anything over 5-6 inches of lift up front you should be looking at long arms. Your front drive shaft should be ok up to ~7 inches of lift.
Your transfercase was most likely a bad u joint or frozen shafts, not the lift. if you put spaces in I would definitely recommend control arms and adj. Track bar
Another option if your worried about your drive shaft would be a reclocking ring from skyjacker...
I fit those military 37s on HMMWV wheels with just a 2 inch leveling kit and no rubbing. I did have to use a small spacer ring on the rear for the wheels to clear the drum.
You should be good to go. I would agree with the bump steer.
The arms that came with the lift were pretty whimpy plus after 5k highway miles the bushings were completely worn out. I bought a set from top gun customs and I'm impressed with them. Last night was the first time running the 37s but after adjusted my arms and a little mods to the inner fenders they clear a lot better. 90% of my driving is on road so it should be okay for now. I think the reason they rubbed so much was because of the rims, they are wide so the tire is more like a 13.5 now. I also tightened the steering box and wow almost new now. Also I've been having the hardest time figuring out my front brakes, shake like a ******* and I've replaced litterally everything to do with brakes and steering within the past 6 months can't seem to find an answer. Thanks guys
Even tho its cost me about a grand after finding a new transfer case and buying a brand new drive shaft I had to laugh because I still had 4wd after the transfer case snapped in 2. Right in the middle of a big snow storm heading home from work.
what do you mean by you tightened the steering box?
Top of the steering box there's a lock nut with a allen screw inside of it, hold the allen screw while you loosen the lock nut about 3-4 turns then turn the allen screw about a qaurter turn then tigthen the nut. I was told to have the wheels turned all the way to one side while tighten it. Then try driving it. Only do a quarter turn at a time so you don't over tigthen it which could ware out the box quicker. I had to turn it about a full turn to get mine tight. Like I said it made a world of difference.
thanks alot im gonna have to try that!
I had about 1 1/2- 2 inchs of play in my steering wheel and now its tight.
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