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Need input

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I'm looking at a 2007 5.9 qcsb ST 8 hrs away. It has an automatic with manual 4x4. No power locks, windows and no cruise. Vinyl seats and floor. It has 77,000 miles and is priced at $22,900. I travel quite abit and drag the wife and 2yo son with me. Does any one have input on the comfort of the seats? Can I add cruise? Carfax is clean and serviced every 3000-4000 miles by dealer. Any other input would be great! Don't want to make the drive if its not what we expect as I'm self-employed and a day off work is a day no pay. Thanks
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honestly, i'd keep looking for something that better suits your needs/wants. :thumbsup: Its easy to jump on the first great deal that comes along after searching through numerous duds/POS's. Keep looking, they're out there. in the end you'll be happy with what you get. :thumbsup:

06-09 seats, IMHO, are the worst for design AND comfort for any CTD. I loved the seats in my old 2nd gen, and have recently installed a set of 4th gen seats in my 03. :drool2: Rides like a completely different truck.

Ultimately, its your money/decision, but I'd keep looking. :thumbsup:
At 77k, that is about the mileage range for needing expensive front end rebuild. Ball joints, axle u-joints. +1k

At that price point you may want to hold off on a truck even if it has more miles that has had the front end done and preferably some transmission upgrades if you ever plan to increase power over stock.

not sure on adding cruise, the buttons are build into steering wheel.
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