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Need Injectors

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I am in the market for 4 different injectors for my 2004. Last year after buying the truck at a non-Dodge dealer the truck had a no-start issue. The shop this dealer took the truck to put 5 injectors in it from Napa, one injector had already been replaced by Dodge right before I got the truck. As predicted 1 by 1 the Napa injectors are failing. I had Dodge put one injector in at a $1200 price tag. Hence why I am in the market for 4 different injectors.

I have looked online and Accurate Diesel in Michigan seems to be best the best price around me at $235/ piece plus core. Is this a good price? Has anyone used Accurate Diesel before?

Thanks in advance for any responses/ help.
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The only truly balanced injectors are DDP (dynomite diesel) you get what you pay for they actuality will balance a set for you. several sizes available I put the 50hp+ in a month ago nice! Dodge tried twice they use junk!
If you need to you can talk to the guy that does the setup.
NO I don't work for them read TDR
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