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Need Injectors

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I am in the market for 4 different injectors for my 2004. Last year after buying the truck at a non-Dodge dealer the truck had a no-start issue. The shop this dealer took the truck to put 5 injectors in it from Napa, one injector had already been replaced by Dodge right before I got the truck. As predicted 1 by 1 the Napa injectors are failing. I had Dodge put one injector in at a $1200 price tag. Hence why I am in the market for 4 different injectors.

I have looked online and Accurate Diesel in Michigan seems to be best the best price around me at $235/ piece plus core. Is this a good price? Has anyone used Accurate Diesel before?

Thanks in advance for any responses/ help.
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your already complaining poor quality, so finding the best price most likely isnt the answer. Maybe you should have asked who makes the best injector, then search the price of those listed. I use Exergy Performance but they arent the cheapest but might be the best.
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