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need help with 24v head

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I"m looking for a good 24v head in indiana if anyone has one let me know price and location. pulled the head off a friends truck to do a headgasket and the machine shop found 15 cracks in it.
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typical. call haisley. or daves diesel.
you could try quinlins machine shop in indianapolis i got one from him pretty cheap. buddy had on with hundreds of cracks aound the valves but try him
I would call TDI in indy I talked to them and if the cracks are across the valve seats they dont seem to think that it is a big deal and told me to just keep running mine after I replaced it. Cummins Crosspoints in INDY is a good place too. :thumbsup:
I love TDI, bunch of smart people there
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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