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Need help truck is cutting out(lightningbolt)

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ok today the lightning bolt light came on and i cleared it, then about two minutes later it cam on again, ive cleared it about 6 times and it comes back everytime. the truck will cut out every 15 secs goin down the road and when i let off the petal and let it slow down on its own i hear a loud whistle that sounds like the exhaust brake but my jake is off. any ideas? o and this light has came on before at the river. it seems everytime it comes on is in or around water (went thru puddles today)
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i checked them. they are all intact. i took the map sensor out and cleaned it. left the batteries unplugged over night and same thing this morning. white smoke and lightning bolt. the only thing i can think of is water in the sims. do u think i should replace them or take them apart and clean em
make sure they're completely dry then hit them with dielectric grease or Fluid Film.

Wonder if you hit the magic 24000 on the regen counter?
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