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Need help truck is cutting out(lightningbolt)

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ok today the lightning bolt light came on and i cleared it, then about two minutes later it cam on again, ive cleared it about 6 times and it comes back everytime. the truck will cut out every 15 secs goin down the road and when i let off the petal and let it slow down on its own i hear a loud whistle that sounds like the exhaust brake but my jake is off. any ideas? o and this light has came on before at the river. it seems everytime it comes on is in or around water (went thru puddles today)
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i had this yesterday. i took my boost fooler off for a buddy to run. stupid a$$ me didnt plug the factory harness back into the intake horn. CHECK THERE! truck wouldnt do 45 turbo hard jake brake. like breaking stuff hard. no responce nothing.
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