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I am looking to sell my 2003 ram quad cab, and was hoping some of you guys would help me out with what is a fair price. I'm not looking to rip anyone off, but I am not looking to give it away either. Please, any honest assessments. Not what you would like to pay for it, but what I might expect. Its a great truck with a lot of miles left in it.
Thanks for the help.
Im trying to ad a picture, but not sure if it is working.
cloth interior, no stains or fading or wear marks.
new COOPER DISCOVERER ST/MAXX 285/70/17 TIRES. Maybe 1000 miles
diamond eyes exhaust
SMARTY computer
WESTIN chrome steps
AEV air cleaner system
AMSOIL oil filter
new brakes, ball joints, tie rods, Bilstien shocks, pitman arm, u joints, 2 new DEKA batteries, new fuel filter, radiator flush.
JVC Bluetooth radio, speakers
clean interior, and exterior
fog lights
good ac
painted fender flares, and wheel well protectors
MOPAR Injectors replaced by Dodge at 90 k
JASON cap with side windows that swing out and open as well as roof rack and light.
trailer brake controller
BEDRUG bed rug brand bed liner.
I have records of a fairly extensive regular service maintenance history.

any other questions. call or text or email.
Nino 586-531-8754

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OK. I put a picture in my gallery. Says it is waiting approval. I shrunk it so many times that it is all blurry. Says there is no size limit, then wont let me post a picture because it is too big.

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advertise $19,250 and go from there:thumbsup: everyone wants a "deal"

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if you want to sell it fast consign it to a dealer, i just sold one just like yours with 220k for 18500 ,feb and march are great months to sell.
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