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need to diesel

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im about to buy my first diesel everyone tells me the 98 12v is the way to go so that what im lookin for If you think different tell me.....I really dont know anything about diesels all Ive worked on is gas but anyway what mods would yall recomend for me to get I want this thing to have as MUCH POWER as possible without doing anyreally extreme mods yet I am open to any suggestions
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Who is "everyone"? Anyway, if you want to add power immediately get a manual tranny. Autos need costly upgrades whereas manuals are strong enough to handle the power. Electronics give you instant power that is easy to install. Other than that the list goes on and on.
yea im getting a manuel....but what kind of computer mods.....can you somehow stack these things? then after the computer mods what else beside exhaust and intake?
yes you can stack programmers make sure that one is pressure only and the other is pressure and timing. but you cant put programmers on a 12 valve have to get a 24 valve for that, years 98.5 to present are 24 valves:thumbsup
o well in that case ill probably just get the 24v there way eaiser to find and the programmer is on of the main thing I want to do since its so easy............if I stack 2 programmers put and put an intake and exhaust on it will it put out pretty solid power you think? or at leat soild enough to smoke the vast majority or ricers I pull up to? and what two programmers will give me the most power?
keep reading, you need to go over as many threads/post to get an idea of what you are trying to do. Theres alot more to it. if you want electronic HP a CR(Common Rail 5.9 03 to 07) will be your best bet, a 04.5 to be exact. But if you want good ole mechanical hp which either takes a little mechanical know how or a decent diesel shop that you are willing to pay to do the work. Whatever you do is going to cost, but from what i think you want, I would say 500hp on the ground would get you there. To help give you a idea, 500hp on the ground (QC 06 4wd short bed) will get you down a 1/4 mile track in about 13.2 seconds. I would guess about for every 125hp more on the ground you can knock off a .5 second on the 1/4 run.
Stacking only will get you so far. I would go with a programmer like a Juice with attitude for your gauges also then an intake and exhaust and then some injectors and a turbo but don't for get a fass hpfp 150 fuel pump. And after you get done doing that or while doing all of that you better on getting a clutch to hold the power and while the tranny is down just as well make 5th gear stay on.
You can get lots of power from a 12v for FREE!!! And for a little bit of dough you can get even more, just my .02
id save the money you would spend and stick with a 12v, much easier to make tons of power, plus p-7100's don't break, VP-44's do all the time
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