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NEED HELP! Fuel canister sensor leaking fuel

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Came into the garage today and seen a leak under the front end, traced it back to the sensor on the back of the fuel filter housing. I pulled the sensor apart and it looks like it has melted on one side (guessing it's from the fuel leaking through the sensor somehow) Dodge wants $1000 for a new housing and sensor as its all one piece. Any other options out there? Does the FASS or Airdog block off the stock housing and replace it with their own unit? If I'm spending $1000 I'd rather go that route then replace the stock unit. All help appreciated.
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You can pay for it now and get reimbursed, but you will more than likely get an old part that has the same issues. Call them about the recall notice and see if they will replace with an old part, free of charge, and replace again when the new parts come out.

Also, might toss up a Wanted add for the housing. Might find someone that has already changed theirs out for an aftermarket unit that you could get one from.
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