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Need Help Fast

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I have a 1 ton SRW i just had two blowouts and i need to get new tires wondering what you guys are running I need to get them tomorrow looking for at least 285/70/17 E range maybe the NITTO Dura Grappler some thing that looks good but funtions well on the highway any help you could give would be appreciated
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Why not just get what is already on the truck so your not mixing and matching?
I just want to get 4 new tires and get it over with
I think I would be concerned abut why I had the blow outs. Were you overloaded, hit a sharp rock, or something else, or were they just wore out, with steel already wore through. If you have no need to go off road, avoid the aggressive off road tread designs, for fuel economy. In a regular highway tread design, I would go with either a Bridgestone dueller 2, or Michelin, but would still be concerned about reason for blowing two tires.
BF Goodrich TA's and Toyo AT's seems to always surface as getting the best wear on these trucks.

I agree, if you don't need a mud tire, don't get one. They wear faster on pavement and make horrendous noise, some worse than others.
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