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If you are concerned about EMP's, then don't get automatics. All the auto's from '94 and up require the PCM to function properly. The '94-'95 not as much, but they still use it. The alternator, AC, CC, gauges, grid heaters and several other things are controlled by the PCM also. I would go with a '94-'95, install manual shutdown cable, wire in external regulator for alternator, install switches for overdrive and converter lockup, wire in second push button start switch and install all manual guages (oil pressure, water temp, volt gauge or amp and aftermarket fuel level like a marine type. This would give you everything you have to have to work and bypass the PCM. If you have a manual trans, then of course you wouldn't have to worry with the switches for the automatic. The only things you would lose without the PCM now is speedo, tach and some other not absolutely necessary things. If you live where it is cold, then I would also put grid heater relays on a momentary on switch so the cold Cummins will crank a little easier. Go to top of page and do a search on "adapter plate" and you will find links to distributors who sell an adapter to mount the Cummins to almost any trans you can think of. Be careful of the trans, since this Cummins has more torque than any stock engine ever put in a '60's truck. You're really going to want to stick with a trans designed for the torque of an engine like the Cummins. Your best bet would be to find a truck that has been wrecked and pull the complete drivetrain all the way down to the axles. Unless your PowereWagon came with military axles, they won't hold the torque either. If you have a welder, torch, a saw and couple of other items including some cash, the Cummins can be put in anything.
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