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Need Help EMP proofing 12v Dodge Cummins

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I have joined here in hopes of learning a bunch from you guys. We are very concerned about an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) event knocking out all electronics in vehicles and everything else. I understand the 12 valve models have manual pumps and no electronics so they would be safe from EMP, only requiring replacing alternator diodes. Is this true or is there more to making a 12 valve Cummins Dodge pickup into an EMP proof vehicle.

Because of our concerns, I sold our like new condition 2001 3/4 ton, 4x4, 6spd, short box. We've now bought a couple of '98 12 V extended cabs, 3/4T short box and 1-ton dually.

Our EMP concerns are strong enough that I'm also going to get rid of my 2006 Ford F350 4x4 King Ranch dually, our 2002 Chevy Duramax and a couple of others. Then we will get another '98 12 v.

I just bought a couple of old mid-60's PowerWagons and a mid 90's 12 V Cummins engine to repower a 1-ton 4x4 dually. Hopefully, this will be a simple re-power project. We will put the '67 crew cab short box body on the '65 1-ton dually long chasis with 9' stepside bed. Will the old mid-60's 4sd trannys bolt up to the Cummins with or without an adaptor plate?

I'm also contemplating putting a Cummins in our '47 Powerwagon. Does anyone have info on this type of re-power project?

I apologize if I have overstepped any bounds in this long first post with all I've said and asked. If so, please let me know so I can be sure to abide by forum rules. Thanks a bunch for any help some of you may be able to render, it is very much appreciated. If anyone has either of the 12 V Dodge types we are looking for, please feel free to email me at [email protected]
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If you are concerned about EMP's, then don't get automatics. All the auto's from '94 and up require the PCM to function properly. The '94-'95 not as much, but they still use it. The alternator, AC, CC, gauges, grid heaters and several other things are controlled by the PCM also. I would go with a '94-'95, install manual shutdown cable, wire in external regulator for alternator, install switches for overdrive and converter lockup, wire in second push button start switch and install all manual guages (oil pressure, water temp, volt gauge or amp and aftermarket fuel level like a marine type. This would give you everything you have to have to work and bypass the PCM. If you have a manual trans, then of course you wouldn't have to worry with the switches for the automatic. The only things you would lose without the PCM now is speedo, tach and some other not absolutely necessary things. If you live where it is cold, then I would also put grid heater relays on a momentary on switch so the cold Cummins will crank a little easier. Go to top of page and do a search on "adapter plate" and you will find links to distributors who sell an adapter to mount the Cummins to almost any trans you can think of. Be careful of the trans, since this Cummins has more torque than any stock engine ever put in a '60's truck. You're really going to want to stick with a trans designed for the torque of an engine like the Cummins. Your best bet would be to find a truck that has been wrecked and pull the complete drivetrain all the way down to the axles. Unless your PowereWagon came with military axles, they won't hold the torque either. If you have a welder, torch, a saw and couple of other items including some cash, the Cummins can be put in anything.
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everything what rpegram said is spot on, but ok now im curious what type of event would cause this EMP to happen and or why are you concerned about it. ive never heard of such a thing so this is new and im curious.
There's an online novel called lights out that is written on this very subject. Good read for sure. Gives you lots to think about.
Howdy PR,
Thanks a bunch for all the very helpful info. Unfortunately, the two '98's we bought both have auto trans. (not our preference). You have given us a great starting point. We will try to digest what you have sent and get started on that part. Pardon my stupidity on PCM? I've heard of the ECM, electronic control module, is the PCM similar? Has anyone written up a detailed "how to" manual of EMP protection of vehicles for dummies? What a great help that would be. So on the alternator, we had learned we would need to have a spare diode kit, but don't know on the voltage regulator, if internal or external and how to change if internal. We need to get a Cummins service manual to see what we need to do on the alternator. On the older Powerwagon conversions it sounds like we should go with a matching Cummins manual trans. Thanks again, the effort in your reply to help us was really neighborly!...Jim
Reply to 12valveterror...An EMP event can be generated in at least 3 methods: 1) CME (coronal mass ejection) which is a massive solar blast storm off the sun(one hit Canada in the 90's); 2) HAARP (high altitude atmospheric radio pulse) stealth electronic weapon facility in Alaska) which reputedly caused earthquakes; 3) Detonation of satellite borne nuclear war head, if detonated 200 miles above mid-America
would knock the entire US power grid. A great new book written by William Forstchen is titled, One Second After. If you read that book, about HAARP and sun generated electromagnetic storms, you may agree with us about the three headed threat of this monster. He who is prepared doesn't get scared. That is a reason we have started our online self-reliance products preparedness store, Emergency Preparedness Supplies & Kits - Prepare For An Emergency - SOS General Store and our local community self- reliance group. There is a new blogforum for it which does not have a whole lot up yet, but growing daily since we put it up this past week, Forum • Index page. Hey, this may be a great trade-off. You guys can teach us about EMP proofing these Cummins Dodges and we may can teach you about self-reliance preparedness. Thanks again...Jim
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just curious, where are you running around that you are running into EMP's all the time? You have a lot of nuclear blasts going off near by?
If the shtf I would prefer having a spare altenator over the parts to rebuild one. The Pcm is an ecm it stands for powertrain control modual.
Howdy Sebastian
Yes, I agree a spare alternator would be easier, but some folks in the local preparedness group don't have the funds to spare. In agreeing with you, we are working on making Faraday boxes to keep spare electronic parts in the vehicle.
could just find a few 24v trucks and P-pump them, then convert the alternators to internal regulators via Transpo #VR 8315 which is a little 2inch square with some wires off it that takes 15 min to install. If an Electro Pulse device goes off, Im looking for a Horse,,,,, frankly diesel and gas will be in very short supply, and I can move a heck of a lot more quietly when Im not on the main roads..... Sounds like paranoya.
frankly diesel and gas will be in very short supply, and I can move a heck of a lot more quietly when Im not on the main roads..... Sounds like paranoya.
x2 on that....

If something liek that ever happens (another global warming BS theory IMO), having your truck running is going to be the least of your worries...
Reply to wcuhillbilly: Thanks for the info, but it zoomed right over my dumb head! We have avoided the 24v trucks because we were told they have an electronic injection pump, but you say to P-pump them. What is that and how do you go about the conversion? One of our Cummins Dodges is a 2007 model we figured we would sell and get a '98. Naw, we don't think you're expressing paranoia about the civil breakdown after an EMP event and yes, we have horses. We are in a safe area of the country, so we will be able to keep driving. Knowing fuel supplies would be disrupted, we are working on wood gasifiers and hydrogen generators. We are working on the first prototype gasifier now and will look forward to seeing how the Cummins runs on the wood gas, knowing there will be some power decrease. We have a Cummins backup generator also. We plan on being able to run it on woodgas when no diesel fuel as we will probably no longer be able to produce biodiesel. Some may scoff at this preparedness effort as expressed by another poster, which is fine as they are certainly entitled to their opinion. We would rather be prepared to run and fuel our vehicles, produce our own food, fuel and electrical energy, caring not if we never had to use it because it saves a bunch in normal cost of living, yet is in place in case there is a catastrophic event. To those trying to be helpful, thanks so very much, because as you can tell from my tinhorn replies, we need all the help we can get in learning everything necessary in EMP proofing vehicles. Likewise, we will share any helpful self-reliance preparedness info anyone would ask for. Some of our group members are living a equal lifestyle completely off-grid as most others of us living on the grid with no, little or partial off-grid capability. Thanks again, Jim
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the 24 valve engines flow and burn better than the 12vs, the reason everyone likes the 12s is that yes they are non electric dependent and sensorless, the "P-Pump" means to take a 24v engine and remove the electronic VP44 injection pump, and the ECM (engine Control Module) and replace the Injection pump with a P-7100 Bosch injection pump, or(wilder conversion ) a Sigma pump (european bosch inline injection pump) the P-7100 is used on the 12v from (I think)94-97, 98-2002 was the 24v with the VP44 electric injection pump. the conversion, (in short,)(there is a thread on this in the 98.5-02 pages of this site) basically involves, using the front cover off a 12v and installing it on a 24v, then using the P-7100 injection pump off the 12v, custom or made injection lines, and a camshaft that is ground to the tolorances and specs of the 24v, being supplied with the timing of the P7100. (tappets are a little differant thus the special cam....) another note, if your running a custom cam like mentioned above,,,, a lobe can be cut on the cam to utilize the mechanical fuel lift pump hole that was retained on the 24v block. thus you would then be able to use a mechanical lift pump to pump fuel from the tank to the injection pump and not be reliant upon an aftermarket electric fuel pump. with the p7100 conversion, the ECM and the sensors are now null and need 12v to open the fuel solonoid on the p7100 just as you do now with your afor mentioned 96 dodge.... the killer for your set up is the Auto trans.... while the world is going to the auto, this woods rat is still a die hard stick person. you can also keep an eye out for the Cummins to GM adapters found on the tail of the 4BTs ( the 4cylinder version of the 5.9 6BT engines) found in Frito-Lay and Doritos bread trucks, this adapter housing will made up to the back of the 12/24v Cummins engines and allow you to bolt up to a GM auto, or Manual (granted you will have to work out the the clutch and flywheel, but I have seen it done) as the NV4500 and the NV5600 manual trans, are just not as tough as the old rock crusher Muncie granny 4spds in the long haul...... I am a chevy repower as my Signiture says, I took a 2001 24v with all the electronics, and weeded out what I didnt want and wired up what I did. thus ive been smoken down the road for 30,000miles and cross country hauling 20k once. if you can think it,,,,someone has probly done it.... I like being an independent cuss myself and self sufficiant but this does sound a bit like too many episodes of Jericho.
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Wow, thanks wcuhillbilly for the huge amount of info...this will take some time to fully process! Good for you in being a self- sufficient independent cuss, it will come in very handy. It this all sounds like to many Jericho episodes, get the book One Second After, you won't think that anymore. The forward to the book is written by none other than Newt Gingrich from his intelligence agencies connections and the afterword is written by the top Naval inteligence expert in EMP at the pentagon. When you read what these two very knowledgeable gentlemen have to say about EMP threat you will have a "wow" moment.
on that note,,,, Aaron Russo's "America, Freedom to Facism"..... total.... WOW moment..and well documented.... I have my veiws, on this kind of stuff, and yes its in the back of my mind, but generally keep my thoughts and opinions to myself, as I work with and for a bunch of Greenies, and for "the man"

while on trial back in the late 80s, it was Oliver North that when questioned why he installed a million dollar security system in/around his home. Replied because of Osam Bin Laden,,,, the congressional that laughed and fudged up the name, asked "who is this Bin Laden,?" North replied one of the most dangerous men on earth..... the congressional if I recall the story correct was AL Gore...
Hey wcuhillbilly, Yep, Russo was right on, like Alex Jones, our friend George Green (many youtube videos). Yea, it was that shister Gore who looked like an idiot trying to make Ollie look like a fool. No wonder you are so like-minded, I just noticed you are our neighbor to the SE. We are in western Montana where the liberty bell rings loud and clear! Thanks tons for sharing your expertise on these Dodge Cummins EMP proofing endeavors we are striking out on. Soon as we get one done, our next project is to hook up a wood gasifier to it and maybe one of our hydrogen cell generators, but we have to work out some details on that.
Could I recommend a horse? Seriously, this is what keeps you up at night? I mean to each his own, but I will take a bet against EMPs knocking out your car every time. Vegas would have a field day on those odds.

I think if something happens that causes these so-called EMPs we all have bigger problems then our alternators not working.

Good luck though. I would recommend a tractor motor somehow coupled to a basic manual transmission. Come to think of it, maybe a john deere would do you just fine.
old dozer would be the best bet. No electronics at all, other than a simple induction coil ignition for the pony motor...

Guaranteed to run, might just be a **** to start the pony motor :D
I'm surprised nobody has mentioned the Amish approved model with all electrical removed, an engine powered compressor, storage tank, and air starter.

Kidding about the Amish.
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