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Ok, I have narrowed it down to 4 trucks here they are:

03 Auto Quad Cab 6" pro comp lift, 35 on 20's bone stock. amp steps. 109k miles. white. very Clean 19600k

03 6 spd, 8" lift, 38 on 20's. DDP 90's, stock turbo stock fuel sys, no gauges, south bend clutch 70000 miles. clean 22k. Black on Black

06 Quad Cab, 2' leveling on 33's Bone stock, super super clean 103k miles 24k. Silver

05 Auto Quad Cab Laramie 6" ez ride, 37 on 20's. SRT Hood, Sun Roof, Leather, Exhaust, bed liner, steps, intake. 56000 miles. Clean 25k . Black very clean

of course these are starting asking prices....... so some will come cheaper. All are very nice and all I could live with. I am liking the 03 auto for some reason, looks great and has a good base for performance. The 05 black is awsome, looks great just more money. except the 03 6 spd, has all ready a clutch and inj... less I spend more I can mod right away. all are dealers except the 03 6spd. Please help me out on this one. Do the later models like the 05 have better potential for power. I hear the later model cp3 pumps push more fuel and support more hp. Also isn't the turbo on the later models better than the 03 turbos. Last thing I have to consider is the smarty and the 03 poping issues............ please help
I like the last two trucks. There are virtually bone stock other than lifts....If I buy a used truck it will be completely bone stock regardless just so that I know whoever had it didn't put some stuff on it run the piss out of it and then sells it to some other average joe....

The 05 quad seems like a good looking truck in my opinion....
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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