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Need help death wobble can't fix

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Hi , I'm been pulling my hair out trying it figure what causing the notorious dodge death wobble on my truck. I got a 2012 1 ton dually with a short arm 6" lift with only 10000km on truck. I change the drag link, put on a steering brace and BDS dual shocks, heavy duty trac bar. Doesn't any one know what the caster should be at? The alignment shop near said he put it at factory spec, which I read on here that it shouldn't be. Any help PLEASE!! Running out of parts to change
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Check ball joints
I think having the short arm kit is the biggest problem. Switch to long arms. Most companies will have a "upgrade" option so you can add long arms to your current lift. Ball joints would be the next suspect. With the track bar do you have a drop bracket also? If not I'd grab one. It will help to put the track bar a little closer to its stock position. How are your tires? Sometimes the tires alone can cause dw. Sounds strange but it happens

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You can use adjustable lower control arms to give it more negative caster. I had the same problem with my truck and run more negitive caster and have not had any problem since then.
thanks everyone. I will try some of those ideas this weekend and hopefully problem will be solved!!
I had a jeep that would death wobble over every bridge crossing. Replaced everything in the front end over a month and getting an alignment and DW was still there. Finally found an old mechanic who told me to rotate my tires rears to the front. Problem solved, tires had a little bit of a crown.
I had a death wobble issue about a month ago after installing my 2" lift. I know its not quite comparable to what you have but while I was looking into it I noticed one of my tierods were loose (only had 25000mi on the truck). once I felt that I took it to the dealer and explained that something felt loose in the front end and that i got a wobble when hiting a bump on the highway. They ended up replacing all tie rods, ball joints, pitman arm and steering stabalizer and also did an alignment all covered under warranty. After that I havent had any issues and i've since put on 325/70/17s. Just to prevent further wear I ended up buys a rough country dual steering stabalizer kit (lifetime warranty) and the steering box stabalizer, put them on a coule days ago. I'm hopeing I dont ever get the wobble again but we'll see in time.

good luck
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Do those 325/70's rub your control arms?
I was expecting that they would but turns out they don't rub anywhere, the bfg's or other tires in that size might end up rubbing cause the thread width is wider but I'm not 100% surejust know that the falkens don't rub at all. Hope that helps
Did you ever fix your dw problem. I have a 2012 dually that I leveled 3.5 in front. I have major front end issues. I ordered a carli front end upgrade. With a carli lower stabilizer. I have a steering brace already. Oh and I ordered a brand new draglink and tie rod ends. I want my truck to steer like a bulldozer. I hope this fixes my problem. The dw really happens when I tow heavy loads. I was just curious how you fixed your problem???
I did. I had to change the control to adjustable arm in order to get negative caster. It's been good now for a week.
With ones did you install. And how hard was it to install?
BD diesel adjustable control arms. Upper and lowers
Which arms did you install and how hard was the install???
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