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Need Help! Dana 60 behind 1999 2500

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I've got a 1999 2500 quad cab long bed 4x4 with a dana 70 rear end that is going to need rebuilt and I need a temporary one while short on cash at the same time.
The salvage yard doesn't have and dana 70s but about 100 dana 60s.

My questions are:
Will a dana 60 bolt right in?
Will I have to modify my driveshaft?
Will my 8 lug axles fit if it was originally a 5 lug?

I'm not towing much at all at this time but I need my daily driver to not be down more than a day.

Thanks in advance!
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I believe the 5 ;lug is semi floating axle and totally different than you 8 lug 70. You need to look harder for 70, maybe even gm. What is wrong with your old one?
It's got two seals leaking, the pinion bearings are going out and I've got spider gear play.
What do you mean gm? Will a gm rear end fit directly?
gm= General Motors. They used Dana 70 also. Don't know if they will fit and have same sensors or not. Do you have limited slip or not. How much do you have to spend now?
The massive 30 acre salvage lot here has complete axles everywhere that range from $140-$400.
My dana 70 is a posi lok or whatever.
Do you know what year gm? Would a 2003-2006 ford dana fit?
Ford used different ratio, 373. They all have used 70's for many years in slightly different configurations. You would have to talk to diff shops or wrecking yards for details of interchangeability. Internals might work when externals may not. If you have time you should be able to find a 70 or 250-500 in ok shape. use classifieds here, Craig's list and
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Unless your housing and carrier is toast then I cant recommend or advise trying to do what you're after. Yes, you may be able to get something cheaper but there is sooooo much more to throwing another housing under there besides picking up something which looks like it may work.

For instance, understanding that there are various different versions of most axles which came on various applications, you have to consider pinion rotation, pinion yoke (u-joint) size, axle tube diameter, tube width, brakes, etc..... Thats not even considering the different length in driveline which will mean you'll have to pay for someone to cut or lengthen yours.

So you can easily see how there's many variables involved and usually more costs than you planned for. I dont know what most shops are charging for a rebuild but maybe what you need to be doing is shopping around for someone who can rebuild yours for less money.

Please dont misunderstand my intentions to help either as I fully respect your financial position. So again, depending on whats wrong with your differential may help you understand what you'll be looking at for costs. :thumbsup:
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Seals aren't that expensive or hard to replace. And if your spiders are going out maybe it's time to drive it nice and save for a posi....
I'm still planning on rebuilding mine. I am a mechanic and going to school so I'm not scared to break into it but I just need a temp. I'm gonna try and find myself another Dana 70 to work with.
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