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Need help and some advice

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Hi, I'm new to the forum and i have an issue. i just bought a new to me 2010 2500 st and the dealer pulled a fast one on me. after all the papers were signed and i got home i finally noticed the truck has been deleted (nox and dpf). i never noticed while at the dealer and they never told me. I checked the truck out pretty good before i signed the papers and what thru me off is the original downpipe and tailpipe and muffler were used so you could not tell the deletes were done until you slid under the truck or put it on a rack(i was unable to do either). now the problem is they sold me and titled and put a plate on a truck that is 100% illegal to drive anywhere in the country. so what should i do? make them fix it? Make them take the truck back? Make them pay for the missing parts? i know a lot of you already run your trucks this way, but i feel that it should be my choice to remove and my legal responsibility. please give me some advice.
ps the dealer turned out to be complete a holes after the fact, and were not willing to fix a minor problem i found on the drive home.
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Does the truck have to pass emission test there? It would be illegal to get plates here in Ontario without all the factory emission stuff not on it.
well how did they get the sticker with the emissions stuff removed then? that would make how they got the sticker illegal wouldn't it.
even worse if It needs a dealer reflash you need to put the tuner on and back to stock before a reflash. So if a reflash from the dealer is needed he will lose the tune then not having the stock egr and dpf all the check engine lights will be on and he will have to buy another tuner or reinstall the egr and dpf. What A MESS!!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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