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NEED HELP! 03 qclb 4x4 to one piece driveshaft

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I have an 03 with the 5 speed nv4500 a valair dd 3850 pp it's a quad cab long bed and the driveshaft has the 2 piece driveshaft with carrier bearing and it snapped at the u joint destroyed the tail shaft and I found a one piece for 417$ part # 52105657AD my question is would this be a bad idea or is it too long and destroy the aluminum driveshaft I'm about to buy I tow a 10k toy hauler a couple times a year and an open car trailer with a dirt modified car probly combined of 6k every other weekend I really need some input before I screw myself any help is much appreciated my trucks down and I desperately need it back on the road

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Lots of guys go to a 1 piece from the 2 piece, just VERIFY it will fit. Seems like I know some can swap and some have to have one made
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