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Need alittle help

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I got 02 cummins 100hp in edge comp hot an a he351cw an i feel like my truck is lacking power for some reason just dont seem to pull well i have 12v power at pump tap everything is hooked up idk any ideas

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Hows boost pressure compared to before, hows FP at WOT, any smoke?
I hit like 40lbs of boost it smokes just not as much as i thought it would fp dont get below 15
Pump taps are finnicky. Is there a large difference between edge and edge off.
What's your temp like there? Don't forget smoke difference between summer and winter.
When it's cold here, I smoke less and not as thick as I do through summer.
The highest egt temp i get is 1200degrees but our average outside temp is around 60degrees

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It will help get the best answers possible if you put all your mods in your sig.
It wont let me write in my sig so. But all i have is 100hp injectors an edge comp with he351cw turbo truck doesnt seem to have alot of power i can tell by the amount of smoke idk what else to do i solder the wires together for the pump tap what else can it be my vp44 is fine brand new 8 months ago

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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