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Okay... my truck is going in for alignment tomorrow and i just need to know what the best length is to set the adjustable control arms to. I have a 3" bds lift and ive been searching threads on the site and the best i can figure out is about 1" longer than stock top and bottom.(at least for 3rd gens) Problem is my stockers are twisted up like pretzels so i cant get a measurment off them to set up the new ones:doh: So can anyone get a center to center measurment on there stock arms? or a measurment on their aftermarket arms if you have a 2.5-3.5" lift?

BDS told me the arms they sell with the kit are 18-1/2" top and bottom, but i thought the uppers and lowers were different lengths:confused013: I dont wanna take this in for alignment and have it be so far off they cant do it. :banghead: Any info will be much appreciated. Thanks
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