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My Utility Trailer lights don't work with my new 2022 Ram but work with my old Ford van? HELP??

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I have a 10-12 year old ( From Home Depot ) utility trailer and the lights will not work with my new 2022 3500 Limited.
The trailer uses the flat 4 pin connector and my new truck has the trailer package so I have all the connectors but I have no lights when my trailer is connected to my new truck.

I connect the trailer to my old 2002 Ford work van and lights work perfect.

I purchased one of those plug in led trailer light testers and when I plug it into my new truck those test led's show my truck light connector is doing as designed but when I connect my trailer I again have no lights.

The trailer has older in incandescent trailer lights and I thought about changing them out to new LED but can someone even suggest a place I could start to figure this out? I can't understand why my lights work with my van but not my new truck and the tester shows everything is working when I plug the tester into my new trucks connector and my vans for that matter...

Do I have a hidden on and off in the menu? I found the backup alarm on and off in the menu ?
Can anyone suggest what wrong?
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Yup. What @H3LZSN1P3R said. Needs to ground through the connector not the ball.
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The current ground wire currently attatches to the frame. Just add another that is tied into the utility trailer wiring and goes to the 4 way connector
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