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hey hows it going guys?well i raced my brothers 99 FORD MUSTANG COBRA-SALEEN convertible with full exhaust,intake,and predator tuned with my dodge and i was surprised!!all i have is whats on my SIG and Smarty REVO TNT was on level 7 with #3 timing and tranny is slipping after 3200-3500rpm range..2wd the whole time!!

1st we did a roll at around 30 and he pulled on me,though i was right with him.and the truck wants to light them up even on a role in front bumper was at his rear bumper so pretty close race

2nd pull he was infront of me on a roll and i punched it to pass him yet stayed in the same lane,he didnt even touch me that run :butt:

3rd run was from a dead stop..3 honks and we went off,he got me right off the line cus the truck kept fishtailing though i was with on his bumper still!i imagine if i had it 4hi how he woulda seen me pass his :butt:!!haha,though that run was the best cus my truck started pullng on him from 65-110

though at the end RACE is a RACE,WIN is a WIN!!though he was complaining after he got home,saying he had his A/C on and that Traction Control makes him lose 30% shifting or something like that..all i said to him,was that his A$$ was going to be mine after i get the future mods and for a 3800lb car versus our heavy 6-7K lbs trucks we are damn quick
thanks guys for listening in on the story
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